Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hazelmoonfly at Tucson Arts & Crafts Shows | Tucson Womens and Childrens Accessories

Just a note to let you know what's coming up for
Hazelmoonfly in November
I love this time of year.  More shows means I get to:

a) meet my customers face to face ( I SO enjoy this!)
b) have a little "me time", complete with adult conversation and Starbucks most days!
c) ask my husband, "could you please take the kids outside to play? I have work to do" so that I can furiously sew/ruffle/stitch/stencil all items for the shows (tee-hee!)
d) do all this and not melt into a puddle in the Tucson heat.  blechhhkk

What does this time of year look like for you? 
What crafts and DIY-ing will YOU be up to? 
Feel free to share your shenanigans here.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

While I Make Headbands, My Little Fella Makes a Mess | Hazelmoonfly

So, I was just trying to get a few things done the other day....
Both my sweet cherubs were playing so quietly and nicely, or so I thought.
Why, oh WHY did I leave baby powder in his changing table drawer???!?!?
Good thing he is so cute.
On that note, how cute would he look in one of these? 

They come in the colors listed and are a very reasonable $5.95 each at Hazelmoonfly
****please note, a faux-hawk looks fantabulous with a tie, just sayin'****

I would LOVE to hear your ideas below!
UPDATE:  Here are a few pics of Jack in his ties.
Just hangin'
gettin' ready to throw rocks