Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Updates, October 1

Well, business is picking up! Thank you to my Tucson friends who help keep me on my toes with all of their beautiful and fun custom orders! Also, I had a special on my etsy shop that included free shipping. Free shipping is ALWAYS nice. especially when the seller doesn't hike up the price to secretly cover the shipping costs. I think next month I will include a free mini flower clippy as an incentive. Those flower clippies get really sweet comments every time...People will love them once they try 'em out!

Most recently and best of all, BAILEY IS CRAWLING! She is hilarious and always goes for the computer and cell phone cords. This movement business means that taking her picture to show bows on etsy has been a little tricky. I mean, who wants to sit when you can CRAWL?! Oh well, it is all so fun...I don't care! We are so proud of our little Bailey Boo. She's the BEST.

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