Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Women in My Life: Part TWO

My mom will actually be opening her Mother's Day gift ON Mother's Day this year!  She will be so surprised.  I've had it since just after Christmas.  It is a little COACH purse that required me to follow a little lady around for 30-45 minutes, waiting-for-her-to-change-her-mind-and-sit-it-down-so-that-I-could-snatch-it-up Coach purse...*shameless* 

But enough about my horrible shenanigans...on to MY MOM.

How does one describe the way they feel about the person who gave them life?  My mom, who has shown me un-ending love, patience, pride, support and understanding.  "Gratitude" doesn't give the feelings I have for my mama justice.  I think "heart-bursting-love-and-joy" is closer...

My mom was raised on a farm in rural Oregon.   She and her younger sister (I love you, Aunty Debby!) got to play and explore all day long in big, open fields.  Simpler times.  My grandma Jackie taught Mom how to sew, paint, wood-work, and landscape.

Mom designed and planted both the front and back yards when I was ONE.  She has painted our house *herself* every 4-5 years since she and Dad moved in since 1977.  Mom has put in hardwood floor, tile, cabinets, fans, lights, sinks, etc.

Mom made her own clothes from an early age.  She made all my dresses when I was little.   She was a well-known seamstress of extremely detailed, perfectly executed little girls' dresses for boutiques throughout the Willamette Valley when my brother and I were little.  She had to make one of my high school musical costumes from a bed sheet, and I had THE BEST looking costume on that stage.

...She can do ANYTHING, and well. It all looks so perfect. It's not that she is OCD that things look perfect when she does them. It is that she researches the project first, practices, then takes her time to do things correctly. (A lost art....) 

So Mom, I admire you more than I can explain.  Your skill, patience, elegance, love for your family, humor...all of it.  I love spending time with you.  You are my best friend.  Thank you, Mom. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Women in My Life: Part ONE

Mother's day is coming.  I have been thinking about how I would like to tell you all about the wonderful women in my life.  The women who have passed down the gifts of their knowledge, compassion, humor and diligence.  Without these women....well, without them, I cannot even begin to picture how my life would have turned out.  I am SO PROUD to tell you about them.  FIRST, my mother's mother, Jacqueline.

My grandma Jackie was raised by her mother, Goldie.  Single-handedly.  In the 1930's.  Not a typical story of that era, but great grandma knew when to kick her let-down of a husband to the curb.  (We gals don't take any *ahem* poo-poo.) I'm not sure, but it seems that perhaps this is where the independent, hard-working, do-it-yourself attitude may have originated...

As a result, my grandma Jackie could do ANYTHING.  Raise two fantastic daughters, teach home economics, paint a house, landscape and maintain a successful 1/4 acre yard from scratch, paint dramatic and gorgeous scenes, carve a life-like character from a scrap of would, or re-furbish ANY piece of furniture.  She was fun.  And funny. 

Grandma often had this funny little habit of garbling up what she was saying.  "Honey, could you pass me the peajutlubterwixles?"  (the peanut butter Twix...have I mentioned that she had a love of all things peanut butter?)  Best of all, she handed this down to me (peanut butter AND garbling your words).  One time we had an entire give and take in "garble talk."  We understood everything the other was saying and then ended up laughing until we cried because we were both so tongue-tied!  

There are so SO many things I have from her that make me, "ME."  Every time I attempt a DIY of daunting magnitude, she is with  me and I know I can succeed.  Every time I garble my speech, it rolls off my back and I have a chuckle.  AND, every time I eat ANTYHING peanut butter, I enjoy it just that little bit more.

I love you and miss you EVERY DAY, Grandma.  I hope you are proud of me.  I am so proud to be your granddaughter.

***Grandma Jackie is the pretty gal with the bright white hair in this old picture from around 2001***

Sunday, May 6, 2012

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