Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clippy Lining Education 101

Before I became an accessorizor extraordinaire, I was befuddled by the different descriptions of clippies and their attributes. "To partially or fully line?" "Heat seal or fray check?"

"Who cares?" Well, I do. These things make a difference, so I have decided to help educate you; the mommies, grandmas and aunties who lovingly buy pretty things for the little gals in your life. I want you to be able to buy hair accessories that suit your needs, as well as be sturdy and lasting.

When discussing alligator clips, which I use exclusively, hair bow and clippy makers will refer to their clips as "partially" or "fully" lined. "Partially" lined clippies have ribbon attached to them all along the underside, top and hinge if the clippy. This covers the ugly metal clip and gives the bow or applique something to adhere to. I like "partially" lined clips the best because they also allow the bottom claw of the clip to really get under the hair for a secure, tight fit that won't budge. "Fully" lined clippies have ribbon on all metal parts, including the bottom claw. This looks nicer, but doesn't grip nearly as well.

Thus, I have chosen to partially line and add no-slip grip to my clippies so that they grip better. I would rather see the pretty clippy perfectly situated IN her hair than painfully hanging loosely by one strand of hair.

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