Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hazelmoonfly at Tucson Arts & Crafts Shows | Tucson Womens and Childrens Accessories

Just a note to let you know what's coming up for
Hazelmoonfly in November
I love this time of year.  More shows means I get to:

a) meet my customers face to face ( I SO enjoy this!)
b) have a little "me time", complete with adult conversation and Starbucks most days!
c) ask my husband, "could you please take the kids outside to play? I have work to do" so that I can furiously sew/ruffle/stitch/stencil all items for the shows (tee-hee!)
d) do all this and not melt into a puddle in the Tucson heat.  blechhhkk

What does this time of year look like for you? 
What crafts and DIY-ing will YOU be up to? 
Feel free to share your shenanigans here.  

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Jessica Harris said...

So excited for upcoming events!!